Monday, February 22, 2010

Another home found

Here's Dustin on Friday night, just before we sent him off to his new home:

He's much healthier than he was when he arrived here. I wouldn't be surprised if some other issues crop up, and his adoptive mom wouldn't be surprised either, but it's a risk she's willing to take.

After we let him out of quarantine, his love of snuggling became quite apparent:

I, for one, was glad to get him out of here, because it seemed like he had imprinted on me. ("Well, you saved his life, and you nursed him back to health," says The Alpha.) Having a dog who isn't yours follow you around like you belong to him can be a little uncomfortable, especially when you are certain that yours is a two-dog household, and both positions are already filled.

So it was especially nice that when Cherrie arrived to take him to his new home, he seemed to understand that he was going with her, and there was no sign of separation anxiety. It's also good to know that I remain his Fairy Dogmother and will get to see him from time to time. He readily settled into his new digs, and was having fun with his new Jack Russell Terrier brother -- a dog who didn't have the best start in life and who seems permanently scarred by it. He won't play with my dogs, but he will play with Dustin. Their pre-adoption get-acquainted session was the first time she had seen him act like a "normal" dog. There's hope for him yet. (Maybe he just needed an Assistance Dog of his own!)

Fostering certainly isn't all smiles and tail-wagging. I'm still not sure how much longer I can take the risk of exposing our dogs to the illnesses and afflictions that foster dogs may bring with them. It helps that we commit to keeping our dogs fully vaccinated and on preventives, and that we are willing to limit contact between our dogs and fosters, but we still have to watch them for symptoms of stuff they might catch.

And when you know you've saved one life and improved another, it does feel good.


Cherrie and Jay and Dusty said...

Dusty and Jay are bonding and it's truly remarkable to watch...Jay is becoming a DOG! When the storm front came through yesterday, instead of hiding under the couch, Jay went to sit by Dusty. Saturday evening both of them came into the kitchen to watch me cook supper. (Jay had never come in the kitchen before!) They tagged-teamed a bunny in the yard. This is joyous for me to see!! Thanks, Fairy Dogmother!!

DogBlogger said...

This is wonderful to read, Cherrie! Thanks so much!

Sue said...

I'm welling up just reading this. You really are a Fairy Dogmother.