Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two sweeties

Well, Tuesday got a little less nervous when we had our special house guest for a few days. Apparently, house guests are good for dogs who aren't sure about kitchen remodeling.

Several times we found her hanging out in the guest bedroom, our niece's space for the extended weekend visit. But this pic is the two of them hanging out in the den, just a couple of hours before Meredith flew back to the Land of Our Roots. (The Boy seemed to appreciate M's presence, too, but he's generally more subtle with his affections.)

We found out that the timing for her return was serendipitous; while waiting at the airport she learned her mother was being admitted to the hospital for IV steroid treatments (stupid MS). Even while making some progress on wedding plans, she has been quite the advocate for her mom these last couple of days. This evening I was treated to The Tale of How We Are Finally Getting to Replace That Lame-Ass Neurologist. I'm eager to hear how Chapter 2 of that one turns out.


Songbird said...

That all sounds good (except for the hospital part, of course).

Sue said...

Oooo.........I cringe when I hear IV steroids and MS in the same sentence. That was the beginning of hubby's diabetes. It's been eleven years and he still injects insulin three times a day. Apparently his body didn't like steroids.

That's just his case, of course, but I reacted viscerally when I read that. I hope everything works out there....