Thursday, December 9, 2010

Early-morning irony

So I've set aside time to blog, and I can't remember what I was going to blog about.

O, irony.

I guess we'll go with some assorted updates:

- The church search continues (as we expect it to for several more months). We have become moderately involved in one community of faith, but we aren't sure that it's home. So we drop a fiver in the offering basket and keep tithing to the church we still miss, back in Texas.
- Since I last blogged, we had The Great Granite Countertop Debacle of 2010, which has now been solved, thanks to a second granite company and another chunk of cash. Such a piddly little first-world problem that took up way too much of our energy.
- The slate backsplash will go in this weekend, and the new fridge arrives tomorrow. After that, we just have to finish texturing and painting in there and our kitchen will be ready. When that's done, it's down to bedroom walls, master bathroom, and trim throughout the house.
- We haven't yet figured out the proper configuration for dog-bathing in this house, as it doesn't have an inescapable sliding shower door like the last house did. So today the dogs are off to the local Pet Palace, where they'll get the stink washed off of 'em.
- Found out that a friend of mine who was asked by his superiors to take a leave of absence from pastoring has pretty much been told they don't want him back, so he enrolled in truck-driving school. This is supposed to be the new era, where churches will need to change to meet the needs of the "mission field." I think this particular pastor may have gotten into trouble by pushing his churches (too hard for their tastes) to do just that. So he's told not to expect to be appointed anywhere. Again with the irony.
- Have barely begun shopping for Christmas gifts (because I'm sick of consumer Christmas and we are busy enough already). What we have bought is fair trade, and I believe we'll be spending a bunch of money on items from the Heifer Gift Catalog, too. I love Heifer. In November I got to visit both their ranch and their world headquarters. In fact, our little bit of Christmas shopping was done at the ranch gift shop.

Okay, time for breakfast, both human and canine varieties. 'Bye now.


Songbird said...

Glad to hear what's up with you.

RevAnne said...

Heifer's always one of my regular stops, too.
Hate to hear about your friend. We're hearing lots of not-very-nice things about how the UMC is handling the "new era". Basically pastors seem to be the scapegoats of choice.

Michelle said...

Glad you are less busy enough to take time out for an update. Can't wait to see some pictures of the new place all fixed up. Or not fixed up. Either way, I wanna see!

I'm also way behind of Christmas. Merry Christmas. We can both consider ourselves officially "done" on each others' lists! :P We do hope to see you maybe sometime between the 18th and the 22nd.

Terri said...

Heifer and Fair Trade have been my gifts of choice for a long while...and the church/pastor situation is one I am all too familiar with. sigh. I hope that what they have told him is not how it actually plays out....

revkjarla said...

great hear about your life, although I am a week late....