Friday, September 24, 2010

Yikes at all the stuff happening.

- Our Texas house is under contract, with a closing date of October 21.
- We got the inspection report, and the buyers' requests aren't that bad. Still, I'd love if they were already resolved.
- We think we found a house in Capital City. We're so picky that we are making an offer on a cheaper house than what we could actually afford; one that will need immediate updating, so we can spend some money on updating right away.
- This house, if it is the house, is 400 square-feet smaller than our previous one. On purpose. All that talk at Heifer Ranch of how much is enough really got to The Alpha--and to me, too, even though I didn't actually get to go.
- And right now, this house has got some craptastic walls in the kitchen and bathrooms! I foresee more bouts with tendinitis, triggered by hours spent covering up very not-us wallpaper with Sheetrock mud and a putty knife.
- I wish I'd taken a picture of the Spongebob toilet seat. Another day, perhaps.
- Our backup options... well, we haven't agreed on a backup option. So I hope we don't need one.


zorra said...

Looking forward to details...

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am so glad that the Texas house in under contract!!!


RevAnne said...

Congrats on having the house under contract; hope your "new" house, wherever it is, is a wonderful home for you, the Alpha, and the pups.
ps: I want to see the Spongebob toilet seat!

wv: chaphed
what your hands will be after doing battle with the not-you wallpaper