Monday, March 8, 2010

Another week's assortment

- Went to bed last night before the Oscars were over. They got along just fine without me watching. Hooray, The Dude for picking up Best Actor. Might have to watch that movie of his some time.

- The next two weeks are looking busy. Am I being practical about this fact and trying earnestly to get manageable stuff out of the way ahead of time? No, not really.

- Wanted to give blood this weekend, but still doubted my ability to answer their first question, which goes something like, "Are you feeling well and healthy today?" There's a cough hanging on from that mess I had a couple of weeks ago, so I'm waiting another little while. Hope I don't have to delay it so long that it affects my quarterly church blood drive schedule.... I'm already a week behind on that.

- Change is happening. (It tends to do that, I've noticed over the last few decades.) Even if it's good change in the grand scheme of things, there's still some grief involved for that which is being lost.


John said...

I used to be really diligent about giving blood -- but I got a false positive for hepatitis once, caused by some cholesterol medication I was taking, and they told me never to give again. (My mission trips to Kenya would probably exclude me now, as well. Do they still ask if you've been to Africa?)

I was, if I recall correctly, one pint shy of my five-gallon pin when I had to stop.

DogBlogger said...

Aw, false positives are crummy... you aren't the only one I've heard of who has experienced that. Way to go on being such a steady donor when you could be, though!

I don't remember them asking about Africa specifically, but they do ask about international travel in general, and Mexico and England both have their own questions.

Sue said...

I received a letter after my last attempt to give plasma (we have a plasma collection center here) telling me that I was permanently rejected. Small veins. That was definitely a bummer.

As for change, I can certainly hear you on that one. In so many areas of life..... and yes, there's always a bit of grief (or at times, a lot) that accompanies it.