Sunday, October 11, 2009

Temporary Guest Dog

Less than a week ago, with about an hour's notice, we opened our home to Rusty, a 7-month-old pup. We're pretty sure he'll be around for the rest of the month while his family makes plans to relocate.

The Boy did not approve this decision.

But he seems to be adjusting well. I mean, look at what a gracious host he is.

He's even sharing the Dog Couch, complete with Dog Blanket.

The Boy and Tuesday (and the thumb-havers) will get a reprieve next weekend, when we'll have some human houseguests and will farm Rusty out to a family who adopted one of his litter-mates.

As you can see, The Boy's excited about that part.

I'm sure, eventually, this brief, two-part stay will have a happy ending.


zorra said...

Love the action shots!

Songbird said...

You are brave.

DogBlogger said...

Songbird, we are only brave because they were on their way to drop him at the shelter when we called to see what was going on.

Zorra, you've actually met him before -- he was one of the newborns we went to see during your visit up here in March.

zorra said...

My, how time flies!

Anonymous said...

those are very energetic action shots - hope the couch survives the two-part stay!

Kirsten said...

The Boy might (might) miss him when Rusty's no longer staying with you. My guys have found it's always more boring after guest dogs leave.

revkjarla said...

awww. love the are wonderufful!