Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm sure some people find it atrocious that it took me more than three decades to get a pedicure.

And I would've gone another two weeks longer, too, if it hadn't been for the open-toed shoes that really were the best option for replacing the strappy closed-toed ones that broke.

The result: For a couple of weeks this year at least, I'm being a little bit more of a girlie-girl than usual.

The polish is a discontinued OPI color that I've held onto for about a decade (Amethyst Abyss). Used it on my fingernails around the turn of the century, but hadn't given it much play in the intervening years. Great color(s), though -- it's either purple or green, depending on the angle.

As a result of this foot-centric development, I've gone a whopping 4 days without donning a pair of socks -- a highly unusual move for me. I like socks. Socks are very practical and I find them quite comfy. But between these black slides with 2-inch heels and the gold strappy flats that were on sale at The Targ on Friday, I've been able to subsist with impractical footwear.

That said, I really do think I'll go back to socks soon. And closed-toed, good-traction shoes that stay on your feet if you have to run. Because you just. never. know. when you might have to make a break for it, do you?


RevAnne said...

MAybe you need better rationalizing skills?
I get pedicures on a semi-regular basis (not as often as I should) because I have back problems and it's just easier. That's what I say, anyway.
Love that color!

Tyra said...

Pedicures are my main spring/summer indulgence. Love them!

revkjarla said...

CUTE shoes! you go girl!
personally, I hate socks. but where I live, I gotta have a bunch of them...

Korean Cowgirl said...

Hooray for girl-hood!

zorra said...

But didn't it feel good, and wasn't it fun?
I indulge two or three times a year. I have one scheduled for next week, in fact. :)

Anonymous said...

Pedicures are like mini-vacations. In the right salon, with the right technician, a pedicure is a blissful hour of foot and leg massage that ends with smooth heels and pretty red toenails. I indulge in one every two or three weeks. Because I'm worth it, dammit.

And so are you.

Michelle said...

I never had one until I was pregnant with Devon. I used to get chicken tenders and honey mustard dip from Market Place Express and have a pedicure during lunch about every week during pregnancy number 1. Of course being pregnant until August 10th means your feet need some love.

Even if you don't get the paint, the massage and pampering is so worth it. And somehow the paint always lasts way longer when they do it.

Love your pretty color. Wish the light was better so we could see the green too.